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A little about how I got here and why I am asking to represent you in the 13th Assembly District.

Where I Stand on the Issues

Education: We must empower parents to make decisions about their children's schooling and ensure that all children have equal access to the very best schools, even if those schools happen to be outside of a child's home district or a child's interests are best served in an alternative schooling option.  We must return control over school choice to the voters.  Click above to learn more about my plans for Education in the state.

Property Taxes: For decades our government has promised to fix our "highest in the nation" property taxes, and we still wait for their solutions.  This year you can change that by voting Libertarian.  Click above to read more about my pledge to introduce legislation to provide immediate property tax relief by rolling back property taxes to 2010 levels, as well as a long-term, citizen-vote-driven solution to cap property taxes at 1.5% of sales price value, instead of the constantly unpredictable and essentially uncapped 2% plus of assessed value.


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